Saturday, April 2, 2016

True Life: We don’t live in a romance novel

A good friend once told me that she no longer reads romance novels because it conjured unrealistic expectations of men. They made her picky to the point where she wasn’t dating at all because Mr. Billionaire, alpha male McHottie hadn’t shown up at her front door with his grand gesture and devastating dimpled smile.

She is, of course, completely right! Here are some fun true life facts that are totally ignored in most of the romance novels that we love.

Snoring. None of the big, burly, hot heroes ever snore! This is not real life.

Morning Breath. I don’t care if you're Brad Pitt, nothing sexy happens until after teeth have been brushed. That’s just gross.

Farting & Pooping. These bodily functions simply don't exist in the romance literary world. If only!

Money. Private jets are not common among bachelors, no matter what an author tells you in their story.

Virgin status. Your first time is never awesome, and if you say it was then you’re a liar.

Man parts. Sooooo over exaggerated. Like breasts, they are not all perfectly shaped and large.

As true as these points may be, I still can't resist the escape a great romance novel can provide.

On that note, check out my debut novel, Web of Deceit, where the men are hot FBI Agent twins with dimples to die for!! :)