Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10 things you probably don't know about me!!

  • I’m scared of big waves. Yes, ocean waves. I know, I’m nuts.
  • I’m addicted to all kinds of sour candy.
  • I hate Subway and the way all their stores smell the same! Ick.
  • I could live off of pizza if my metabolism and cholesterol allowed it.
  • I hate doing the dishes. Thankfully my fiancĂ© doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty!
  • Talking on the phone is a last resort for me. I completely despise it.
  • I need the background noise of the TV when read or write.
  • I hate coffee and never drink it. It makes me shaky!
  • However I am a total diet coke addict! 
  • Public speaking makes me want to barf.
  • Monday, March 14, 2016

    Tyrannosaurus Rex. The best game you’ve never played!

    Every human, man or woman, at some point in their lives has had the joy of fielding off unwanted requests by interested parties while enjoying a night out with friends. Let’s be honest, getting hit on can be extremely flattering and exciting but it can also be annoying and completely uncalled for.

    Hence why the Tyrannosaurus Rex game was created.

    For this blog post I’m going to explain it from a woman’s point of view. Now, this isn’t a game you play with the shy gentleman who stops by your table and cordially introduces himself to you or the current eye candy you’re crushing on big time.

    No, you save this gem for the slobby drunk loser who needs to grip his sweaty palm on the back of your chair just to stay upright. The guy whose breath screams hotdog eating contest winner, and whose saliva shots in your direction with every slurred word.

    THAT is your perfect contestant.

    This game requires two to play because you should always have backup, but it can be enjoyed by up to six!

    The rules are simple. When said loser approaches you table like his shit don’t stink, slinging his alcohol induced anti-charm, someone in the group yells out ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex!’ then another whispers ‘if you don’t move then he can’t see us’ and everyone playing closes their eyes and freezes all movement. Whoever cracks up laughing first buys the next round of drinks.

    Sure, it will undoubtedly result in your group getting called a few unimaginative adjectives by said guy, but the laughs are worth it and I guarantee he will dejectedly walk away leaving you to enjoy the rest of your night in peace.

    This game can also be modified to work for ruthless sales associates, rude dinner guests and even your own children when their asking for money.

    In my debut novel, Web of Deceit, my main character, Kalli, uses this technique often!

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    Friday, March 11, 2016

    You don't always marry your soulmate

    Any avid reader of romance has, at one point or another, read a story where childhood best friends fall blissfully in love. He’s been protecting her for years, warning all other men to back off from her. She’s never been interested in anyone else, spending every free moment with only him.

    Soulmates meant to be.

    But what happens when these kindred spirits stay just friends?

    I’ve had the same best friend since adolescence. We were born one month apart and next door neighbors in a rural Massachusetts town. As kids we had a rare, instant bond that some never feel with another human being. All of our free time was spent together and even with the distance of me heading off to The University of Tampa, the deep friendship remained intact.

    This person means the world to me and he happens to be a man.
    Growing up, it was assumed that he and I would end up together. My parents loved him and joked of our impending marriage often. His family didn’t blink an eye when they saw me in their house hours on end daily because it was our routine.

    But we aren’t in love and never have been. We kissed only once when we were sixteen and partaking in some underage adult beverage debauchery. It's a fuzzy memory that felt all kinds of wrong and it never happened again.

    I love this man fiercely. I would take a bullet for him and I would be on the next flight out of Tampa if he ever needed me, but he will only ever be my amazing best friend.

    Ryan, who is a twin, was my inspiration for Colton, one of the main characters in Web of Deceit. The friendship Colton has with the heroine, Kalli, is very similar to how ours is to this day. His brother, unfortunately, wasn't my inspiration for Jaxxon....sorry Craig!

    Above is a picture of us at his wedding in July. Yes, I did crop out his beautiful wife, so hopefully she doesn’t see this blog post!!

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: Comment with the name of your best friend to enter to win a signed paperback of Web of Deceit.