Friday, March 11, 2016

You don't always marry your soulmate

Any avid reader of romance has, at one point or another, read a story where childhood best friends fall blissfully in love. He’s been protecting her for years, warning all other men to back off from her. She’s never been interested in anyone else, spending every free moment with only him.

Soulmates meant to be.

But what happens when these kindred spirits stay just friends?

I’ve had the same best friend since adolescence. We were born one month apart and next door neighbors in a rural Massachusetts town. As kids we had a rare, instant bond that some never feel with another human being. All of our free time was spent together and even with the distance of me heading off to The University of Tampa, the deep friendship remained intact.

This person means the world to me and he happens to be a man.
Growing up, it was assumed that he and I would end up together. My parents loved him and joked of our impending marriage often. His family didn’t blink an eye when they saw me in their house hours on end daily because it was our routine.

But we aren’t in love and never have been. We kissed only once when we were sixteen and partaking in some underage adult beverage debauchery. It's a fuzzy memory that felt all kinds of wrong and it never happened again.

I love this man fiercely. I would take a bullet for him and I would be on the next flight out of Tampa if he ever needed me, but he will only ever be my amazing best friend.

Ryan, who is a twin, was my inspiration for Colton, one of the main characters in Web of Deceit. The friendship Colton has with the heroine, Kalli, is very similar to how ours is to this day. His brother, unfortunately, wasn't my inspiration for Jaxxon....sorry Craig!

Above is a picture of us at his wedding in July. Yes, I did crop out his beautiful wife, so hopefully she doesn’t see this blog post!!

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