Saturday, September 5, 2015

Contract signed with The Wild Rose Press!!

Yes, you read that right.  This girl just signed her first publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press! 

WEB OF DECEIT, my debut novel, is a story I've had in my head for years.  Last year I decided that I was finally going to put these characters, who were haunting my brain, down on paper.  This was something I've always wanted to do but the timing was never right.   Halfway into book one, I realized that my secondary characters were demanding to have their stories told too, so books two, three and four were born.

I decided against submitting to agents, and went straight into researching publishers.  Why? It was just my personal preference.

This. took. days.


I read everything I could find on each publisher I was interested in.  I exhausted my google search trying to sniff out the good and the ugly.  People loved talking about the ugly, but I found one publisher were all the authors raved about their publishing experiences, The Wild Rose Press.  Their website was phenomenal and their Crimson Rose line was perfect for my romantic suspense.  I knew this was the publisher for me, now I just had to convince them of this too.

Thus began my tireless query letter writing. 

This. again. took. days.

I was officially back in High School, writing my college essay, trying to convince the University of Tampa that they just needed to accept me.  I wrote 10 different query letters before I was even somewhat satisfied.  Then came the dreaded synopsis.  Even thinking about it now makes my palms sweat.  Writing a one page, full story synopsis was my kryptonite.  It was physically painful trying to convey my characters and plot onto one page, a real battle for me.  Once I was convinced I'd won, I was ready to submit.

My submission turned into a full manuscript request, and by some miracle, that turned into a publishing contract! 

I truly could not be more excited to start this journey with such a wonderful publisher. 

Bring on the first round of edits!!!

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